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Cluster Drill

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Cluster Drill
    Advanced Technology
  • Quick-change bits can be removed and serviced without time consuming removal and disassembly of hammers
  • 150 PSI operating pressure
  • Optimum hammer and bit life time
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Custom diameter cluster drills available — consult factory

    Drive Flange
  • Most hammers are accessible including all gauge hammers without removing the drive flange
  • Integrated "Ratchet" Air inlet which eliminates extra sub and overall height

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Wear pads on outside diameter and bottom of canister
  • Utilizes larger hammers (8") and bits (10") which means fewer tools per hole diameter
  • Air Plenum Clean-out Ports for maximum serviceability

    Quick Change Bit System
  • Triple latch snap ring to retain bit
  • Hammers remain in canister during bit change
  • Chuck removal not required during bit change
  • Bit install, low load (1,000 lb) and high load removal (12,000 lb) for security

  • Epiroc Heavy-Duty CS8 8-inch hammers and CS8 10-inch diameter bits
  • Self indexing bits to significantly reduce carbide wear on bits and wear on chucks
  • Fluted bit design for fast cutting removal
  • Hammers and bits are interchangeable through entire cluster drill/hole opener family
  • Reversible piston for longer piston life

• Shafts
• Pilings
• Caissons
• Access holes
• Horizontal drilling

• Pole holes
• Pipeline supports
• Curtain walls
• Rescue shafts
• Oil & Gas

CS8 Hammer

Hammer Access

Quick Change Bit Puller

Triple Latch Ring

Super Nut

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